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The Most Monogamous Zodiac Sign

1. Virgo

Non-monogamy is inconceivable to this traditional, serious, and habitual sign.


A young Virgo may be a serial monogamist, switching long-term partners.

2. Taurus

As they dislike instability, this easygoing earth sign is monogamous.


Tauruses love homebodies who like routine and order.

3. Cancer

This sign enjoys making a cosy home with a loving companion.


You're permanent in a Cancer's life. Their high emotional intelligence will keep your relationship strong.

4. Scorpio

Passion and possessiveness characterise this sign's partnerships.


Scorpios are so focused on their lovers that they don't have time to cheat.

5. Aquarius

Aquarius friends are innovators and experimenters.


Aquarians are monogamous because they're faithful and moral. 

6. Leo

Leos are passionately loyal and would never betray on someone they care about, whether in love, career, or friendship.


You'll always be a Leo's one and only.

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