The Most Lovesick Zodiac Sign

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When a Pisces falls, it usually falls fast and hard. They dream about their happily-ever-after all the time. 

1. Pisces

hey are the most hopeless romantics of the zodiac signs, willing to go to any lengths to discover love.


They believe that a love partner can aid them in finding the balance and harmony they seek in life. 

2. Libra

 It's important for Librans to avoid making selflessness a habit in their romantic relationship.


These sensitive, nurturing Water signs have a tendency to form strong attachments to the people they care about.

3. Cancer

VThey may experience worry at even the slightest hint of separation. 


While Leo's primary love is for themselves, they are capable of giving the same level of devotion to another person, 

4. Leo

especially if that other person strokes Leo's ego.


Scorpio is the type of person that would do well in a solitary environment.

5. Scorpio

Scorpio will keep their mouths shut and their feelings locked up. 


 Taurus's fragile psyche requires special care when breaking bad news.

6. Taurus

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