The Most Intelligent Zodiac Signs

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Aquarius is evil genius. This sign is smart. As fixed air signs, they're smart and obstinate. 

1. Aquarius

 Aquarius, an air sign, is cerebral. Their all-encompassing strategy maximizes their intelligence.


Capricorns know and understand. Their detailed, precise, and systematic thinking helps them to solid decisions. 

2. Capricorn 

By identifying their goals, people avoid impulsivity and examine the big picture and its consequences.


Even common topics intrigue Virgos. Neurotic Virgos are a frequent stereotype. 

3. Virgo 

They benefit from their meticulousness! They remember everything and are orderly. 


They are quick thinkers and information gatherers. 

4. Gemini 

Gemini devotes their free time to their interests.


Sagittarians seek higher knowledge and ambition.

5. Sagittarius 

They are inquisitive about many things and will go to considerable lengths to discover more. 


Their academic passion is insatiable. They know everything, making it hard to refute them.


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