The Most Intellectual Zodiac Sign

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Many people in the zodiac believe Aquarians to be the smartest, most original, and most perceptive.

1. Aquarius

They have a quick wit and are rarely bested in a discussion or conversation.


Virgos strive for excellence and dedication, are focused on their work, and seldom have time to relax. 

2. Virgo

These people have a very analytical, logical, and practical outlook on life in general as well as their professional and entrepreneurial endeavors.


Capricorns are strategic genius who diligently study whatever they feel they need to in order to achieve their goals.

3. Capricorn

To improve its mental abilities, the goat represented by this sign will attend seminars and conferences, and perhaps even pursue formal education.


They will likely excel in fields like the performing arts, filmmaking, and writing. 

4. Gemini

They are walking dictionaries, as Berry puts it, thanks to their most brilliant capacity to make precise observations and broad knowledge. 


Taurus is the most street-smart of all the signs. 

5. Taurus

Zodiac claims that the Bull is capable of navigating life without assistance from others.


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