The Most Heartless Zodiac Sign

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Scorpios are known to be the most emotionally distant and distant of all the signs because of their strong earth element and keen intellect.

1. Scorpio

 They have no qualms about resorting to silence or sarcasm when necessary.


Geminis have a tendency to jump from one social circle to the next.

2. Gemini

They are continually exposed to new people, allowing them to alter their behavior accordingly. 


Sagittarians are too set in their ways to see beyond their own perspective. 

3. Sagittarius

They will carve their own way and ignore those who don't desire the same thing.


The Capricorn personality values order and the presumption of innocence.

4. Capricorn

This might make them appear distant and misunderstood, even if they truly care about the happiness of those around them.


Aquarians are notorious for their unconventional ideas and cold demeanor, neither of which endear them to the masses. 

5. Aquarius

They don't see themselves as cold-hearted, but if you can't get along with their eccentricities, they'll probably avoid you.


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