The Most Fearless Zodiac Signs Ranked

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Cancer carries the world.
They care about their community.
They think about everyone when making decisions.

12. Cancer

Risk-averse Capricorn. They consider all the factors and make the best choice.

11. Capricorn

Libra also undervalues themselves. Though smart and entertaining, they defer to others on crucial decisions.

10. Libra

Pisces is fearless while meeting new individuals. They speak freely.

9. Pisces

They care what others think. Taurus values reputation and attractiveness. They avoid embarrassment.

8. Taurus

They design epic exploits that require only their intellect and charisma to survive.

7. Sagittarius

Gemini unintentionally takes risky future selections. Gemini is the most present-focused sign.

6. Gemini

Virgo, like Scorpio, is insecure, but this has made them more comfortable facing their concerns.

5. Virgo

They think they're wiser than everyone else and can identify game techniques others can't.

4. Aquarius

Scorpios are afraid. They fear being wounded and exposed as emotional people.

3. Scorpio

Leo believes the cosmos will help them. They also know that downs are only bumps on the way up.

2. Leo

Aries can handle fearlessness failures. They learn from everything.

1. Aries

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