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The Most Erratic Zodiac Sign


Keeping them committed is hard since they're always looking ahead.

Their dual nature and impulsivity make stability nearly impossible.


Spontaneous Sagittarius prefers to make their own decisions.

They reject the idea of being limited, so they continually hunt for new experiences that increase their ability to live life to the fullest.


Libras are bad decision-makers. Bennet says they continually weigh pros and downsides and switch plans.

You'll argue until you're both fed up. Don't let them choose because they'll likely follow the crowd and please others.

They can't decide and change their minds. Their main trait is pleasing others.


Scorpios are masters at switching. Mars, the planet of strife, rules their emotions, making them unstable.

Water signs experience things profoundly. They can't control their acts when these deep feelings take over.


Moon-ruled people are erratic. Better Life that the moon goes across the zodiac faster than any other planet: 2.5 days per sign.

These people have mood swings and unexpected emotions.


Aries is impetuous and passionate. They don't listen to others. Definitely the most chaotic zodiac sign, these lively people.

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