The Most Erratic Zodiac Sign

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Aries is impetuous and passionate. They don't listen to others.

1. Aries

Definitely the most chaotic zodiac sign, these lively people.


The moon's influence keeps these feeling-oriented folks acting erratically. 

2. Cancer

These individuals frequently experience sudden outbursts of emotion.


Scorpios are the masters of switching gears. 

3. Scorpio

 Mars is the planet of battle and strife, therefore their temperaments can swing wildly.


They are unable to settle on a course of action and often change their minds. 

4. Libra

Their irrationality stems from a lack of resolve. 


A free-spirited Sagittarius would rather go their own way than follow anyone else's instructions.

5. Sagittarius

These fire signs are notoriously independent and will stop at nothing to get what they desire. 


Geminis have a hard time slowing down since their minds are constantly racing with ideas.

6. Gemini

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