The Most Approachable Zodiac Sign

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Libra is like the coziest comforter to Pisces' warm blanket. 

1. Libra

The most friendly zodiac sign, they radiate warmth and magnetic energy. They're impossible to avoid.


Geminis are gregarious and great communicators. Their enthusiasm is contagious.

2. Gemini

Mercury rules communication, so they can discuss about anything. 


Taurus is faithful. "We are usually quite open and hot-hearted, which renders them accessible and un-intimidating.

3. Taurus

Stability and security make them approachable. 


Pisces are a comforting blanket. You'll feel snug and protected with them, making it hard to leave.

4. Pisces

 Once you're in their company, you won't want to leave because of how at ease and secure you feel.


Virgo wants others to feel comfortable coming to them with any problem or concern,

5. Virgo

but their anxiousness and focus on details can make them seem distant.


 People are drawn to them because they exude an air of assuredness and optimism.

6. Leo

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