The Messiest Zodiac Sign

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Cancers goof up because they're nostalgic. People have trouble parting with memories.

1. Cancer

A beautiful Polaroid or a fun dating attire are examples. Over time, memories become messes.


Aries is too busy to clean. These socialites prefer going out to spring cleaning.

2. Aries

It's not that they don't like cleaning they just don't do it. After realizing their house is messy, they start cleaning.


Gemini, like Aries, prefers cocktails to rags. This sign needs "stimulation," and cleaning isn't pleasant.

3. Gemini

Geminis are so gregarious that they often talk to friends or coworkers instead of putting away decorations.


Aquarius are serious thinkers, therefore cleaning isn't on their mind.

4. Aquarius

Aquarius to do the dishes, and they may read a book or lecture to avoid it.


Pisces, "the dreamers of the zodiac," can get into trouble because they're not practical. They'd rather think than clean.

5. Pisces

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