The Mellowest Zodiac Sign

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Geminis have a remarkable capacity for adjustment.

1. Gemini

This stress-free sign's primary goal in life is to make those closest to them laugh, thus they tend to put others.


Pisces are so easily moved by other people's emotions that they work hard to appear empathetic. 

2. Pisces

The peaceful Pisces enjoys hanging out with friends and always looks for the bright side of things.


Aquarians live in their own little bubbles.

3. Aquarius

This water sign is quite introspective and won't get caught up in the drama of others.


Leos may have a reputation for enjoying the limelight, but they won't allow anyone steal their thunder.

4. Leo

Leos are always in a good mood because they "know when to have fun and when to be serious.


These outgoing, sociable people only find fulfillment when their lives are in harmony with their surroundings. 

5. Libra

If Libra wants to keep the peace and quiet they so desperately want.


Cancers fear conflict and actively work to maintain a peaceful environment. 

6. Cancer

Cancers, known as the "mothers of the zodiac," are dedicated to keeping their families safe and happy.


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