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The Laziest Zodiac Sign

1. Leo

Party-loving Leos value fun over responsibility. 


They love new projects, but they'll hire more hardworking signs to do the daily labour. 

2. Taurus

 Tauruses will work hard to clean and organise. Though responsible, they enjoy Netflix binge-watching.


Taurus the "baby of the Zodiac who always wants to be babied, petted, and calmed with sweets" in severe cases.

3. Libra

Libras prefer "nice and simple." She says they'll hide their debts because they're stressed.


 Libras work better when disciplined.

4. Sagittarius

Sagittarius loves to party, so when they're not, they're idle.


Sagittarius coworkers are amusing because they tell wild stories, but they're unreliable.

5. Pisces

Pisces artists and designers are highly inventive. They're driven, yet they procrastinate and don't like hard labour. 


They may go for a midnight run or to the beach to get inspired.

6. Aquarius

Aquarians can't get out of their own heads.


Aquarians enjoy fun and are unpredictable, thus they don't like to work.

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