The Greatest Exercise for Your Zodiac Sign

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"Aries is cardinal." “That means it manifests itself by launching and directing fire.

1. Aries

Because of consequence, Ridout thinks the best workout for this fire signs is one which maximizes its great vitality. 


They'll do better with a workout which has a certain practical resonance.

2. Taurus 

Taking regular walks burns calories and maintains cardiovascular health, and dog owners live longer than non-dog owners.

2. Taurus 

Tauruses are hard to talk out of buying anything they like.


She advises this cardinal sign's natives to choose an exercise that mixes their loving nature with core strength. 

3. Cancer 

Cancers perform best physically and emotionally when they have a solid, unshakeable center. 


Leo is stationary fire, while Arie is cardinal fire. Compare it to a sprint vs an endurance race. 

4. Leo

Leos should keep this in mind while choosing an exercise and make sure it has a cooling or resting component. 


Like other earth signs, Virgos are realistic. They are zodiac perfectionists due to their attention to detail.

5. Virgo 

Repeated practice will make them great. Making the same choreography flawless is satisfying. 


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