The Flakiest Zodiac Sign

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Cancer enjoys living at house and feeling an aura of warmth and security.

1. Cancer

 Asking whether they'd be willing for guests at their residence is a surefire way to ensure their presence. 


Sagittarius is also impulsive and could opt for a more interesting plan than the one they made she continues.

2. Sagittarius

People who don't like being restricted may decide at the last minute .


Libras may also be very flaky yet solely because they seek to make everything happy.

3. Libra

They might have too much fun at their initial party to remember to go to the second.


They have the freedom to move from work celebrations to tennis practice to after-hours clubbing with minimal downtime. 

4. Gemini

However, their constant motion might occasionally cause them to overlook details.


The sign's instability originates from its lack of resolve to establish limits.

5. Pisces

The first on our list is a flaky sign that is not necessarily meant to be. 

6. Aquarius

 Aquarians are ideas people they lack the will to make many of those ideas a reality.


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