The Fastest Dogs In The World

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Boston terrier

Top speed: 25 mph
Boston terriers are speedy canine athletes related to English bulldog terriers.

Siberian husky

Top speed: 28 mph
The Siberian husky became famous as a sled dog due to tough environment.

Border collie

Top speed: 30 mph
The breed's energetic lifestyle requires owners who can keep up.

Doberman pinscher

Top speed: 35 mph
Doberman pinschers, famed for their beautiful toe-walking, are strong-willed and well-tempered.


Top speed: 36 mph
The breed competes in dog shows and athletics due to its small build, silky coat, and quiet, independent disposition.

German shepherd

Top speed: 39 mph
Due to their work ethic, German shepherds are guards and service dogs.

Afghan hound

Top speed: 40 mph
Since owners polish, the Afghan hound's long, silky coat, the breed is a staple in dog competitions.


Top speed: 43 mph
Salukis hunt small prey utilizing their excellent vision and speed.


Top speed: 45 mph
The fastest dog is the tall, slim greyhound. The breed is fast and doesn't need much exercise.

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