The Clumsiness of Each Zodiac Sign

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Clumsiness is a common trait among Geminis since they have so much on their minds. 

1. Gemini

However, there are times when their enthusiasm backfires.


Like Gemini and Libra, Aquarius is an air sign and not a sign associated with water like Cancer or Pisces.

2. Aquarius

Aquarius people are labeled "space cadets" because they spend so much time in their own heads.


Although Libras are generally well-balanced, this doesn't always translate to their physical abilities.

3. Libra

The two cakes they were holding would fall to the floor while they deliberated which one to buy.


This water bearer, like the clumsy Cancer, inhabits a fantastical realm of his or her own making.

4. Pisces

Because they can't keep their thoughts on the ground, they frequently trip over their own feet.


If you know anything about Cancers, you know that they make amazing pals since they are very caring and caring.

5. Cancer

When Cancer is feeling particularly irritable, this daydreamy clumsiness might also surface. 


As an indication, individuals tend to act before they consider.

6. Aries

She continues, "Aries is usually quick to act, but when you move too fast, you break things.


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