The Clumsiest Zodiac Sign

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Geminis because the sign is constantly juggling new ideas and information, 

1. Gemini

whether it's a busy social schedule or an exciting new interest.


 The reason why people with Aquarius energy are stereotyped as space cadets.

2. Aquarius

They are proud of their unique identities, but their absence can cause them to make embarrassing mistakes.


Libras tend to be even-keeled as people, they may struggle when it comes to actual balancing.

3. Libra

Librans' clumsiness stems from their extreme indecisiveness. 


Pisces are the most forgetful of the zodiac signs for the reasons stated above,

4. Pisces

which only contributes to their clumsy allure.


When Cancer is feeling particularly irritable, this daydreamy clumsiness can also surface.

5. Cancer

 while sending an emotionally charged message or use a little too much force when chopping vegetables.


Aries is known for their speed, but sometimes if you run too fast, they break things.

6. Aries

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