The Cattiest Zodiac Sign

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 scorpion breaks up with a friend or a significant other, it can get unpleasant. 

1. Scorpio

And don't think a Scorpio will suddenly change their behavior.


Geminis have a remarkable capacity for verbal exchange.

2. Gemini

They can talk to anyone at an event for hours on end and discuss any topic.


Leo shares Aries' desire to shine in the spotlight and be the greatest at what they do.

3. Leo

These outgoing people are "nice, loving, compassionate, and pleasant," as Newman puts it.


Aries feels threatened in any way, they may display angry behavior.

4. Aries

They are the most confrontational and impetuous of the signs, earning them the reputation as the rudest.


These two sassy women are the center of any party. However, they also exhibit a shadowy side.


It's simple to hurt this sign's pride if you insult them, and that happens surprisingly often. 


Given its reputation for generosity and loyalty, you might be shocked to see Cancer here. 

6. Cancer

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