The Bluntest Zodiac Sign

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This sign always says what it really means. You'll be able to tell whether they're happy, sad, angry, anxious, or annoyed.

1. Aries

You can always count on Aries to forgive and forget any wrongs done to them.


It's possible for a Scorpio to be blunt with their honesty. 

2. Scorpio

The effectiveness of this sign's approach can be improved through the cultivation of tact and courtesy on the part of its representatives.


Problems arise when Sagittarians say exactly what's on their minds.

3. Sagittarius

 They value honesty above everything else, regardless of how it is presented.


This sign has no editorial oversight whatever comes to mind, it says.

4. Gemini

It's therefore not shocking when they speak some unfiltered truths.


The trustworthy, practical attitude of a Taurus is well-known. 

5. Taurus

As a result of those characteristics, they tend not to be very good at hiding how they really feel.


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