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The Best U.S. Cities for Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Austin, Texas

Aries, you're always hip. You favor hidden gems with nature and nightlife to popular metropolis areas. 

Taurus: Madison, Wisconsin

Taurus, you enjoy unhurried living. You don't like the big city's buzz and bustle.

Gemini: Savannah, Georgia

Gemini, you can charm and make friends wherever with your sweet and spicy charm. 

Cancer: New Orleans, Louisiana

Cancer, you're all about the vibe. You do what seems right, whether it's choosing your greatest friends or meals.

Leo: New York, New York

NYC is the best place for your outgoing attitude, despite the cliche. 

Virgo: Washington, D.C.

You like things organized, but that doesn't make you boring! You desire efficiency, not predictability.

Libra: Chicago, Illinois

Libras prefer equilibrium. You want to be in the middle of the activity some days and a quiet night in with friends others.

Scorpio: San Francisco, California

Scorpio, you enjoy the eerie. You're an inquisitive water sign who likes to explore relationships and your hometown. 

Sagittarius: Boston, Massachusetts

Sagittarius, you speak your mind and say a lot. You've traveled the world and learned new life skills. 

Capricorn: St. Augustine, Florida

Capricorn, you're used to leading, therefore you have high expectations.

Aquarius: Portland, Oregon

Aquarius likes to party. You don't follow trends, therefore you like traveling to places with various people and viewpoints. 

Pisces: Juneau, Alaska

Juneau is a lovely city with a close-knit community and lots of room to escape. Naturally, being near the ocean helps.

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