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The Best Mattress for Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Innerspring Mattress

Aries is a night owl and an early riser. You're always looking for the next great thing and can't relax.

Taurus: Memory Foam Mattress

Taurus is stubborn, and your sleeping patterns reflect it. No one can keep you from sleeping.

Gemini: Hybrid Mattress

Hybrids are comfortable whether you're sleeping for eight hours or taking a little snooze between social events.

Cancer: Gel Grid Mattress

Gel grid mattresses provide a cloud-like sleep. It's soft and flexible, cradling the body and keeping it warm.

Leo: Adjustable Mattress

Leo may be the party animal, but you're ready to go home and relax at night.

Virgo: Bamboo Mattress

We propose a bamboo mattress because you need lots of help sleeping. It's ultra-soft and supportive.

Libra: Pillow-Top Mattress

Libra loves socializing, but beauty sleep is your priority. 

Scorpio: Latex Mattress

Scorpios are intense. You'll do anything to get your goals, but you'll take breaks.

Sagittarius: Air Mattress

Sagittarius is the globetrotter. You can fall asleep anywhere as a nomad.

Capricorn: Extra-Firm Mattress

Capricorns take sleep seriously. Sleeping in a crucial meeting will ruin all your hard work.

Aquarius: Futon

We suggest a futon instead of a mattress for your nonconformity. 

Pisces: Waterbed

Pisces is the zodiac's thinker for a reason. You worship your nightly routine. 

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