Relationship Compatibility of Leo & Leo Zodiac Sign

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Leo-Leo friendships work well. “Companionship is a pleasant zone for two Leos.

To some extent, they may compete. Because they recognize each other's pride and ruthlessness, they can still reach an accord.

Leos are faithful, generous, and protective of their loved ones. “Leos will do anything to make their buddies happy.

When two Leos become friends, they will take over every party, have limitless adventures, and speak for hours.

They'll push each other to their full ability if the friendship works.

A Leo-Leo relationship may have trouble communicating. Leos rule in all areas, including communication.

You can envision nonstop shouting and swearing. Their stubbornness might contaminate or even block their communications.

They'll compromise nonverbally like royalty. You won't expect them to apologize directly, but they'll apologize via presents and service.

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