MOST Unfaithful Zodiac Signs

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Sagittarius loves the spotlight. Humor, appeal, or drama. Sagittarius will command attention. 

1. Sagittarius

If they don't get enough attention from their spouse, they're likely to look elsewhere.


These indicators overthink and turn to others for consolation when their relationships are problematic.

2. Cancer

They're instinctive and emotional. Cancer's passive-aggressive nature may strain relationships.


This may seem like a good thing, but how they utilize their communication abilities is the problem. 

3. Gemini

Geminis lie and brag. Twins are Gemini. Remember that your Gemini may have a hidden side.


They're volatile like Mars. Despite several attempts, Aries are passionate and confident.

4. Aries

If you love an Aries, make things fast-paced and intriguing or they will go. That's excessive.


The Sun rules Leos, which explains everything about them.

5. Leo

Leos might ruin relationships if they believe they've lost control or aren't being appreciated enough.


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