Most To Least Mysterious Zodiac Signs

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Your mysteriousness is a positive, but when you isolate yourself, it hurts your friends and family. 

1. Scorpio

After Scorpio, Pisces is the most enigmatic sign. Pisces are perceptive and creative dreamers.

2. Pisces

Cancerians might be independent and in control one day and struggle the next. 

3. Cancer

Virgos are interesting and clean, yet their jealousy makes them mysterious.

4. Virgo

Capricorns isolate after failure. Since the failure is solely in their thoughts, no one can explain why they isolate themselves.

5. Capricorn

Sometimes you hide your feelings for so long that you forget them. You're mysterious when you're afraid.

6. Aquarius

Taurus, you are quiet, but you have depth.

7. Taurus

Geminis love crowds. You want to converse and please everyone you encounter.

8. Gemini

You radiate positivity, Leo. Your happy-go-lucky temperament and love govern you. 

9. Leo

Aries, your mystery charm is hidden. You're too independent, lively, and outspoken to create a mysterious atmosphere.

10. Aries

Sagittarius is the least mysterious—by choice! They are kind and generous with great willpower and influence.

11. Sagittarius

Librans love and romance. Although being naive and readily misled, mystery is not their forte.

12. Libra

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