Most To Least Lucky Zodiac Sign

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As needed, everything you touch becomes immaculate. Never worry that things won't go your way.

1. Virgo

You never have bad luck. You accidentally miss a misfortune by a second.

2. Scorpio

Leo, your lucky star isn't the only reason you're lucky. Your confidence inspires others.

3. Leo

Taurus is lucky. Your family is thrilled with your effort and your confidence.

4. Taurus

Your situation shows that karma returns. After many periods of bad luck, you experience incredible karma and luck.

5. Aries

Someone perfect for you will knock on your door and solve all your problems.

6. Pisces

You must distinguish bad choices from disaster. 

7. Cancer

Sag, you've been going through a lot lately, which makes you gloomy and grumpy.

8. Sagittarius

You can go without karma or fortune for so long that you don't battle anymore. 

9. Libra

You're the zodiac's unluckiest. As usual, you get the short end of the stick, yet there is hope.

10. Capricorn

You're lucky to be so convinced. Nothing can change your conception. You always have daylight.

11. Aquarius

Everything you start bombs. You also destroy any lucky streak you uncover.

12. Gemini

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