Most To Least Forgiving Zodiac Signs

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The problem is that you're too polite and have too much of a soul, so you'll forgive someone even if they should feel remorseful. 

1. Pisces

You're known for forgiving, but you're also holding your hand over the fire, hoping you won't get burned.

2. Cancer

Aquarius, you will tolerate an excessive reason for preserving something excellent together like love or friendship.

3. Aquarius

Aries, you'll be enraged at first. That ends quickly. Bitterness is too much for you. 

4. Aries

You easily forgive the little things. Not really the big stuff. Romantic betrayal is your biggest pet peeve.

5. Gemini

Squirming is sufficient. It pleases you. Only twice will you forgive someone. Third time's fatal.

6. Sagittarius

Let's face it—you're no saint, therefore you're likely to need forgiveness more than you'll give it.

7. Leo

Virgo You forgave them in the narrow sense that you'll maintain in touch with them.

8. Virgo

You used to forgive people until you realized that most of them perceived it as a sign of weakness .

9. Libra

You take a mile and they take an inch. You'll forgive if you can get a significant favor from them. 

10. Capricorn

They'll suffer hellfire if they trip you. We can include Scorpio in the least forgiving Zodiac signs.

11. Scorpio

As you throw them into the fire, they'll beg God for forgiveness. Hence, Taurus is the most unforgiving zodiac sign.

12. Taurus

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