Most To Least Compatible Zodiac Signs For A Cancer

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Libra and Cancer could be perfect together. Libra is balanced. Libra and Cancer might drown or drift away without an earth sign.


This zodiac partnership can be one of the most romantic with clear communication.

Scorpio is the strongest zodiac sign. This combo is tough from the start.


Scorpio's devotion flatters Cancer. Scorpio and Cancer can drown in love.

Scorpios are happy to provide security to Cancerians if their passionate emotions are returned.

Cancer opposes Capricorn. They're astrology's "mother and father." These traits are complementary.


Cancer loves Capricorn's practicality and structure, while Capricorn loves Cancer's love. 

This pair balances career and family. Both signs have complementary traits to learn from.

Cancerians can't handle Aries' fire, while Leo's warmth ignites their passion.


Cancer and Pisces may subconsciously dislike each other for not giving them passion or security.


Cancer and Aries rarely get along. Cancerians, like Gemini, find Aries rude.


Virgo doesn't comprehend Cancer, but Scorpio does. Virgo likes routine and organization.


Virgo might make Cancer feel safe, but they lack the emotional depth that makes Cancer feel completely loved.

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