Most Solitary Zodiac Signs

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They benefit from being left alone to think things out (and put things off) since they like doing so. 

1. Taurus

Taurus might feel suffocated if they don't get their quiet time.


They will feel powerless to do anything about it and settle for watching from the sidelines.


Scorpio needs time alone to be able to focus inward and do some serious soul-searching. 

2. Scorpio

They prefer to retreat from social situations in order to observe and evaluate the behavior of others around them. 


However, if a Scorpio spends too much time alone, they may become introverted and withdrawn.


Sagittarius places a premium on independence and believes that being around other people limits their ability to achieve what they want.

3. Sagittarius

Therefore, they need time alone to truly appreciate the independence they value so highly. 


Sagittarians value their own thoughts and solitude protects them from the influence of others.


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