Most Ridiculed Zodiac Sign 

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Awful Cancer. As the most ostracized zodiac sign, they have earned their reputation as the most annoying.

1. Cancer

People who get a kick out of making fun of others will go to great lengths to irritate .


As the twins, Gemini have a dual nature that can make them appear deceptive or dishonest.

2. Gemini

This sign's indecision may also be a source of jokes. 


Since Leos are so used to the spotlight that they'll do anything to get people to laugh at them.

3. Leo

Leo's biggest challenge is learning to share the spotlight with others. 


Mars, the planet of energy, passion, and violence, rules the fire sign of Aries. 

4. Aries

Having a meltdown because their beloved sports team lost or because their chicken was cooked a little too long? It's amusing in an odd way.


It doesn't matter to Aquarians if other people don't like their weird tastes, quirky sense of style, or offbeat outlook on life.

5. Aquarius

This also makes individuals more prone to defy authority.


A Virgo may really suffer if their go-to salad at lunchtime was suddenly removed off the menu. 

6. Virgo

Or, their entire schedule could be thrown off if a meeting is suddenly rescheduled.


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