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Most Power-Hungry Zodiac Sign


Whether it's relatives or coworkers, Sagittarius expects everyone to bow down.

Sagittarius' attitude is "go big or go home." Much of this sign's joking is to grab attention.


Aries desire control in their personal and professional lives.

Aries' ambition can arise from a desire for more. If you're dating an Aries, plan to wait up for them after work.


Tauruses seek a career they love and are comfortable with and would do whatever to be untouchable at work.

They want achievement and financial security because they want luxury.


Leos love to be loved and respected. "High-profile areas with social capital to be gained" are Leos' preferred locations.

Leos "crave power "particularly considering that they are able to attract everyone's attention, almost effortlessly.


Your Capricorn coworker's focus is intentional. People want career success because it means life success.

Capricorns work until the project is done, even if it means staying up late.


Scorpios can hide information to appear powerful. "Scorpio defines power by its intimidation and assertiveness.

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