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Most Popular Small Dog Breeds

Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso dogs have guarded Himalayan palaces and Buddhist monasteries.


Papillons are named for their big wing-shaped ears (papillon is French for butterfly).

Shiba inu

The most popular Japanese dog, Shiba Inus, arrived in America 60 years ago.

Bichon frise

Excellent city dogs, bichons Frises are hypoallergenic, friendly couch potatoes.


Maltese are the opposite of Westies. They are stubborn, have lengthy white coats, and need daily brushing.


Chihuahuas have decorated items from various vanished cultures for ages, but their exact age is unknown.


Chinese emperors and the House of Orange loved pugs, another old breed.


Pomeranians make great pets. The fluffy dogs, a favorite of Queen Victoria.


During Fidel Castro's revolution, Cuba's sole canine breed, Havanese, migrated to America with their owners.

Shih tzu

Before the 1930s, Shih Tzus were only known to imperial breeders in the Chinese emperor's court.

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