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Most popular mid-size dog breeds

1. Entlebucher mountain dogs

Entles are natural problem-solvers and were used to herd cattle and sheep in their native Swiss Alps.

2. Spaniels (field)

Field spaniels are friendly and have a wide energy range. They're peaceful, gentle, and shy around strangers. 

3. Berger Picards

Berger Picards are lively, robust, strategic, and humorous because they were herding dogs.

4. Spaniels (Welsh springer)

Welshies are loyal, kind, and strong hunters, making them ideal family pets.

5. Bearded collies

Given its herding skills, the bearded collie, or beardie, is a lively, energetic dog. 

6. Norwegian elkhounds

Norwegian elkhounds are reliable. Once comfortable, an elkhound is trustworthy and loyal.

7. Retrievers (flat-coated)

The boisterous flat-coated retriever (flat-coat) used to recover game from land and water. 

23. Standard schnauzers

Standard schnauzers are hard workers, having been bred in Germany as ratters, security dogs, and farm dogs. 

9. American Staffordshire terriers

American Staffordshire terriers are smart, confident, and loving.

10. Retrievers (Nova Scotia duck tolling)

They get along with children and other dogs, but their hunting tendencies may make them unsuitable for cats and other pets.

11. Chow chows

The chow chow, an ancient Chinese all-purpose dog, is polite, serious, and aristocratic. 

12. Wirehaired pointing Griffons

Griffons are also great family dogs due to their sense of humor and cheerfulness. 

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