Most Outspoken Zodiac Signs

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Donelson and Honigman are in agreement that Aries ranks among the most verbose zodiac signs.

1. Aries

 Aries, ruled by Mars, has the triad of outspokenness.


Aries often talk before thinking, which can cause issues.


Leo is ruled by Sun, and even though it's not as firey as Red planet Aries

2.  Leo

They like to shine much like sun on such a bright day.


Leos tend to think their approach is right and helpful for everyone. They speak up.


Libra, a people-pleaser, ranks among the most vocal signs. 

3. Libra 

Donelson thinks this air elemental sign will stand up when necessary.


They voice their ideas, though not as loudly as Aries or Leo.


Sagittarius is outspoken like Aries and Leo. They are direct and honest. 

4. Sagittarius

 The archer is curious and loves meeting individuals with different backgrounds.


She claims they'll learn languages to communicate and speak up for the voiceless.


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