Most Obnoxious Zodiac Sign

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You may be shocked to learn that Capricorn is the top sign. 

1. Capricorn

They have a condescending attitude toward others they perceive to be less driven to succeed in their careers. 


No other zodiac sign can compare to the ego of a Leo.

2. Leo

Don't be surprised if they commandeer the sound system at your next party or trample all over your slides in the conference room.


Cancer patients have a tendency to be very dramatic and want everyone to know how they really feel.

3. Cancer

And they often manipulate others with their sensitivity. 


This sign makes it crystal clear what's going on.

4. Aries

In a good mood, this might be amusing, but when their fiery side emerges.


If the zodiac's perfectionists kept their type-A tendencies to themselves, no one would find them annoying. 

5. Virgo

It's true what they say about how "they never forgive your mistakes and will point them out incessantly.


A Libran is a diplomatic person who wants to make everyone happy.

6. Libra

If visitors see this notice, they may think twice about coming to your pizza party.


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