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Most Mystical Zodiac Signs

1. Virgo

Although an earth sign, Virgos may connect the tangible and spiritual worlds.


Their supernatural connection comes from their energy transmutation and adaptation: Virgo, the zodiac's kitchen witch.


They detect the secret life in each divine detail, filtering hidden stuff to the surface and exposing the magic that can be made from what's already here.

2. Scorpio

Water signs can bend energy and transcend dimensions, and Scorpio's Plutonian influence draws them to dark arts like magic and astrology.


Scorpios are spiritual because Pluto rules the dark, magical, and mysterious.


Scorpio's hidden eighth house of metamorphosis rules life's mysteries. Hence, these mystical scorpions have extraordinary powers.


Sagittarius loves to travel, and not just on Earth. Restless fire indications see life spiritually.


Sagittarius zodiac signs get witchy by wilding out without bothering about rationality.


They're inherently open to the world, which makes them more susceptible to life's magical possibilities.

4. Pisces

Pisces are connected to the supernatural. These water signs are always in the clouds and can't tell reality from fiction.


Pisces is everywhere. They merge with the mystical to converse. They're enchanted."

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