Most Moodiest Zodiac Signs on the Planet

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Cancer is the moodiest sign. If you didn't see this coming, you don't know cancers. They notice every gesture, good or bad.

1. Cancer

They will thank you and enter their zone. However, they may change others' moods with a flick.


Pisces are sensitive and can change moods quickly. Anything can cause them. 

2. Pisces

They have trouble adapting to new people and settings, which affects their mood and temperament.


 Scorpios may look calm, but those who know them know how volatile they can be.

3. Scorpio

Scorpios are adventurous. However, they might frequently turn on you. They seem furious. 


Aries are irritable and needy. They may make the party or ruin it. Aries respond quickly and openly.

4. Aries

This makes people feel everything and nothing, which may be exhausting and hurtful to others.


Its tremendous mood swings are due to its dual personalities.

5. Gemini

Their violent mood swings might last days. A Gemini's moodiness might be caused by a painful romantic situation.


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