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Most Loyal Zodiac Signs Ranked


Aquarius is the least faithful sign of the zodiac. Not because they do not value loyalty, but because they frequently prioritize their own needs and desires.


Sagittarius is the second-least faithful of the zodiac signs. These courageous adventurers are renowned for their independence and tolerance.


They are the definition of a dreamer. Pisceans are very sensitive souls that desire deep connections with individuals they can trust


Capricorn is the ninth most faithful zodiac sign. These earth signs are determined, ambitious, and hardworking.


These air signs are recognized for being intellectually curious as well as flighty and indecisive.


The seventh position on the list belongs to Aries. Aries are noted for their passion, vitality, and enthusiasm.


Libra is number six on our list. Libra is the relationship sign of the zodiac, thus they will work to make their relationships as robust.


Virgos are highly diligent and devoted, which makes them excellent mates for those seeking fidelity and commitment.


Taurus is number four on our list. Taureans are frequently described as dependable, loyal, and patient.


Scorpio, a sign famed for its deep emotions and potent intuition, comes in third place.


Leo ranks second on our list of zodiac signs with the highest level of loyalty.


Cancer is the most faithful zodiac sign! Cancers are renowned for their passion and loyalty to their loved ones.

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