Most Love-Addicted Zodiac Signs

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Virgos are practical. Life decisions usually follow logic and reason. 

1. Virgo

Aries have too many life goals. You work and live rapidly. You obsess over multitasking.

2. Aries

You are eager and busy. You possess so many ambitions that dating feels pointless. 

3. Capricorn

 Cancers are warm and loving. That's it. You can love without romantic love.

4. Cancer

Leos have enough of affection and probably always will. Why? Too much self-love. 

5. Leo

Aquariuses are known for being cold and logical. Always follow logic and reason. 

6. Aquarius

Geminis have challenges. You desire to be with others and hate being alone.

7. Gemini

You are too free-spirited to stress about love and relationships. 

8. Sagittarius 

Tauruses are passionate. You struggle to leave relationships because of that.

9. Taurus

You like to love. Libras are like that. Relationships consume you.

10. Libra

Pisces always fantasize about the perfect relationship. Even obsessive. 

11. Pisces

Scorpios have the most intense love. You're addicted to love's endorphins. 

12. Scorpio

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