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Most Intuitive Zodiac Signs


Cancers feel intensely. They know something's wrong even if they don't know what.

Sometimes they are unable to pinpoint the problem, but they are aware that something is off.

Being with a Cancer when you're feeling depressed may help you feel the necessary support.


Scorpio possesses a "nocturnal" sense; they can see in the dark when others cannot.

Since they are aware of the perils of darkness and nighttime noises, they are able to monitor their surroundings while remaining unnoticed.

The intuitive nature of a Scorpio enables them to analyze a situation and determine its significance before others.


Astrologically speaking, Aquarius is equally as intuitive as the Water signs.

Aquarians have a clear grasp of the future. With the ability to see beyond the horizon, they communicate their wisdom in a highly futuristic manner.


Pisces possesses the knowledge and expertise of the preceding 11 signs. Thus, they are fairly intuitive.

They are capable of accessing the ethers despite being submerged in water because they are ruled by Neptune.

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