Most Inauthentic Zodiac Signs

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They bottle up their emotions until they reach a breaking point, at which point they erupt.

1. Taurus

Because of this, they can be extremely poisonous to those around them. 


Geminis are generally seen as inauthentic since they adore what's "in.

2. Gemini

Reading Geminis gets difficult as they approach closer.


They don't let others in, making their loved ones feel lonely and isolated even while they're together. 

3. Libra

This and their unpredictable appeal disappoint some. It tarnishes the bulk of Libras.


Scorpios are entertaining but envious. They treat you like a pet, not a partner. 

4. Scorpio

When unchecked, these people can be very poisonous. 


Sagittarius don't recognize how significant they are to others, thus they enjoy to mess with their thoughts.

5. Sagittarius 

They enjoy cutting ties and leaving individuals "high and dry.


Capricorns' methods of problem-solving make them seem false.

6. Capricorn

They are sullen and overly serious. Most people cannot follow their guidelines. 


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