Most Highly Sensitive Zodiac Signs

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Cancer, as an empath, you're sensitive to others' sentiments.

 Cancer is ruled by the fourth house of home and family and the moon. Crabs are naturally sentimental.

Cancer's evolutionary function is to feel everything, hence most Cancers live an emotional rollercoaster.

Hypersensitive cancers "walk-in" one feeling. Cancer, ruled by the Moon, has dramatic mood swings.


Virgo, you're analytical, not emotional. Being hard on yourself and others can quickly shift your mood.

Virgos, a mutable earth sign, have many emotions that cause bodily feelings.

Virgos that unresolved emotions might build up in their bodies and harm them.

Your sensibility is more logical than emotional. “Virgos pay close attention to the intricacies of any scenario.


Scorpio, your poisonous stinger and razor-sharp pincers hide your sensitivity.

Scorpio, the only fixed water sign, confines its emotions. Scorpios can't hide their emotions.

Scorpios must be mindful of their emotional reactions because unconscious anxieties and unprocessed sensations might arise at any time.


Pisces always feel everything. Pisces is connected to the collective consciousness and feels for everyone.

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