Most Hated Zodiac Sign, According to Experts

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Geminis are flexible and spontaneous. Gemini can read minds due to their communication skills.

1. Gemini

Scorpios are considered manipulative and frigid. Scorpios are seen as edgy and ready to sting, like scorpions.

2. Scorpio

Dramatic, arrogant Leos are loathed. Leos are bright and may think the world revolves around them.

3. Leo

Their persistent need to better makes them seem restless, like they perceive their loved ones as inadequate.

4. Virgo

Aries is considered jealous and irritable. Aries' youthful nature might frustrate.

5. Aries

Taurus is considered stubborn and dull. Taurus is realistic and earthy.

6. Taurus

Libra admires beauty and prestige. They balance arguments by seeing both sides, symbolizing the scales.

7. Libra

Capricorn is considered pessimistic and extremely serious.

8. Capricorn

Aquarius can be contradictory. Aquarius can be confusing. Air signs enjoy intellectual challenge and defiance.

9. Aquarius

Pisces is uniquely intuitive. Pisces, the oldest zodiac sign, enlightens loved ones.

10. Pisces

Cancers are considered oversensitive. Cancer is the most emotional zodiac sign.

11. Cancer

Sagittarius is very passionate. Their passions shift quickly. Sagittarius is adaptive and can admit mistakes.

12. Sagittarius

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