Most Genuine Zodiac Signs

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The house of self, depicts your inner identity and is your ascendant placement, thus you value honesty.

Aries are direct. They're called "rude" because they don't sugarcoat their opinions.

Aries just wants to make sure the meaning of what they're saying isn't buried behind the coating of sugar that some want them to put on it.


Cancer, your fourth house of origins makes you sincere.

Because you spend a lot of effort on self-improvement, you cherish authenticity and proudly accept your own self, foibles and all.

Cancers to share their feelings with trusted friends or alone. “Cancer's emotional nature makes them honest!”

Cancers carry significant and long-lasting emotional wounds—so they would never desire to cause such agony for others.


Cap, you're honest. You'll always be honest, even when it's hard. Saturn, the disciplinarian, makes you a responsible leader.

Capricorns desire their loved ones to improve. The sea goat is a very emotional sign, unknown to most.

It takes time, but they'll be honest with their emotions once they're comfortable.


Aqua, your authenticity is unmatched. You're known as an eccentric who appreciates individuality.

You value being yourself, therefore you don't mind going against the group if you have a different idea.

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