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Most Flirtatious Zodiac Sign

1. Libra

You've probably noticed Libras' directness if you're buddies or dating one.


They lie until they see what they desire in others." It makes them manipulative.

2 Gemini

Social butterflies like Geminis may flirt with anyone. 


It doesn't indicate interest. Rather, they may want harmless fun.

3. Aries

Aries are known for flirting due to their spontaneity and intensity.


To start an Aries moving, ask for a brief explanation.

4. Leo

While flirting, Leos enjoy the attention, regardless of their target. 


Leos are like the Sun—warm, creative, and loving.

5. Sagittarius

They're a flirty sign because of their extensive education and desire of adventure.


This activity may annoy quieter signs.

6. Aquarius

Remember that this social sign is likely to be unaware of the romantic overtones.


And anyone who has ever hung out with an Aquarius can attest to this.

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