Most Faithful Zodiac Signs

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1. Taurus

Tauruses persevere in everything they undertake. 


The second house, which governs security and finances, regulates the pragmatic bull, a fixed sign.


Earth signs are resilient because they need stability and structure. Taurus roots and grows like a tree.

2. Cancer

Cancers are special in their devotion to family and home. 


he fourth house of home rules the sensitive crab, who protects friends, family, and loved ones.


Cancer is faithful because it fiercely defends and nurtures its affections. Cancers can create blinders and focus on their goals.

3. Leo

Little upsets Leo. Fire signs are brave, confident, and occasionally foolish.


Leos' fifth house rules creativity and children. They keep their promises and trust their partners.

4. Aquarius

Aquarius zodiac signs shape society, which takes unwavering trust that traditions will change.


Air signs are progressive changemakers, but their humanitarianism endures.


Uranus, the planet of shock and rebellion, helps them stay faithful in hard times.

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