Most Emotionally Detached Zodiac Signs Need Your Patience

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Scorpios exude mystery. They may appear frightening if they're guarding their sentiments. 

Don't mistake their enigma for disinterest. Scorpios' worlds are vast and vibrant.

Scorpios might injure themselves by mishandling their intense emotional world.


Sagittarius are known for their uncanny optimism. They often act indifferent when they can't perceive the good.

Sagittarius love freedom, yet their hearts never stop dreaming. They let their guard down around those who make them feel protected.


Capricorns always have goals. They rarely get caught up in their sentiments because their life is about achieving goals.

They have goals and a plan. Capricorns can commit to anything. They'll divorce an emotional situation to save face, but they want love.

Capricorns strive to love and be loved, whether they recognize it or not. Without feeling, nothing is worth doing.


Aquariuses enjoy meeting new people and witty banter in large crowds. When talks get intrusive, they lose interest.

They like to keep their private and public lives apart so they can privately nurture their emotions.

When their emotions get too great, they escape from reality. Aquarians are sensitive despite their seeming indifference.

They like to process their emotions alone.

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