Most Emotional Intelligence Zodiac Signs

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For Aries sun or moon signs seeking emotional intelligence, realize when the need to behave rashly arises and consider before acting. 

I1. mpatient Aries

Leos can improve their EQ and healthy emotional expression by opening up to others.

2. Rigid Leo

Sagittarius individuals are gregarious, enjoy people, like travel, yet they suppress their feelings.

3. Silent Sagittarius

Taurus is obstinate, yet well-balanced bulls can be kind, sweet, and cuddly. 

4. Tough Taurus

Virgo also has a lower EQ since they don't appreciate it when others hide their feelings from them. 

5. Careful Virgo

Their low ranking is due to this. They know how to handle their emotions, but they're too preoccupied to do so.

6. Cutthroat Capricorn

Aquarius can comprehend and understand their feelings, but how they display them lowers them. 

7. Overanalyzing Aquarius

Libras are emotive but self-critical. They also care more about others than themselves. 

8. Turbulent Libra

Due to its duality, Gemini is often misunderstood, but it holds a key to emotional intelligence that other signs lack. 

9. Worried Gemini

Cancer may lose control of their emotions if this is difficult.

10. Caring Cancer

They express their strong emotions. When they're passionate, they're noisy and look overwhelmed.

11. Commanding Scorpio

The bright fish—Pisces' joyful, perceptive, easygoing side—shares their emotions with individuals they trust.

12. Centered Pisces

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