Most Emotional Energy Vampires Zodiac Signs

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Tauruses often become emotional vampires because they crave validation from others.

1. Taurus

When things go wrong, they lash out and break down.

Virgo emotional vampires can't stop being judgmental. 

2. Virgo

These people degrade others to make up for their own inadequacies, which is bad for everyone.

Cancerians most often become emotional vampires. 

3. Cancer

This can only be fixed by becoming more autonomous and less isolated. That's hard for a Cancer.

Sagittarius love to get too close and then leave, making them emotional vampires.

4. Sagittarius

They temporarily boost your mood before falling. 

Aries are emotional vampires because they vent their wrath and disappointments on loved ones.

5. Aries

Even when you help them reach their goals, they never seem happy.

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