Most Demonic Zodiac Signs 

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Taurus is pampered. They prefer comfort and shine. 

1. Taurus

Capricorn loses his rage seldom, but it passes swiftly. This sign prefers constructive dialogue against retaliation.

2. Capricorn

Though moody and unable to commit, they are not demonic.

3. Gemini

Cancers are gloomy. They are unexpected because they express all their feelings. 

4. Cancer

This sign generally moves on after plotting retribution or hurting others.

5. Pisces

Libra balances. Harmony is their goal. They swallow their feelings and worry about others.

6. Libra

Avoid them while they're furious. If you provoke Sagittarius, they'll become wicked.

7. Sagittarius

Leos have tempers yet want to make things appear great. 

8. Leo

Angry Aries may be good or bad. They get irritated rapidly and lash out, then calm down an hour later.

9. Aries

They might pretend everything is alright but are spiteful when loved ones injure them. 

10. Aquarius

Scorpio's dark, cryptic character bothers everyone. They are always concealing something. 

11. Scorpio

Since Virgo is one of the most serial killer-prone signs, they are the most demonic. 

12. Virgo

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