Most Dedicated Zodiac Signs

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1. Aries

Aries, you're stubborn and fiercely pursue your ambitions.

Mars rules Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. Your aggressiveness and ambition make dedication a badge of honor.


2. Leo

Leos are loyal and kind, which makes them dedicated to zodiac signs. You devote to people closest to you for attention and praise.


As a fixed fire sign, you have lasting strength and are driven by passion, so you can keep the spark alive in your closest relationships.

3. Scorpio

Sagittarius gets Aquarius. In the sense that they admire Aquarius' eccentric attitude and unorthodox viewpoints.


Scorpio, you dedicate differently. You're a profound feeler, and it affects your ability to love others forever.

4. Capricorn

Saturn, your planetary ruler, drives your attention to career, personal objectives, and social prestige, Cap.


Saturn keeps you focused and motivated so people can depend on you to be easily devoted to what you want.


The ambitious tenth house of public image rules Capricorn. You dedicate to your status and work.

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